Fruit Basket - 4.5-5.5 Kg

Fruit Basket - 4.5-5.5 Kg
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Categroy : Fruits
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Min Order Limit: :1

Regular Fruits: Banana(केळी)-12Nos, Apple(सफरचंद)-3to4Nos

Any 3 Fruits out of Pomegranate(डाळिंब)-750gms, Guava(पेरू)-1Kg, Sweet Lemon(मोसंबी)-1Kg, Orange(संत्रे)-750gms, Custard apple(सीताफळ)-750gms, Chikoo(चिकू)-1Kg, Papaya(पपई)-1Unit

Images shown in description in only for information purpose actual basket/box may be different.

Vegetables/Fruits may changes subject to availability.

Weight mention is Approximate at the time of packing and may vary.

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